• Delivering quality<br />
and expertise in home<br />
and hygiene products<br />
for today’s lifestyle.
    Delivering quality
    and expertise in home
    and hygiene products
    for today’s lifestyle.

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Pental Ltd engages in the manufacturing and distribution of a range of home care and personal care products in Australia and New Zealand.

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Pental Brands

Wherever you go in an Australian home today it would be odd not to find at least one Pental product. White King, Janola, Sunlight, Softly, Country Life, Velvet, Martha’s, Huggie, Natural Selections, Pears, LUX, Little Lucifer and Jiffy form the iconic brand portfolio.

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Featured Brand

White King
Still Australia’s number 1 bleach*, enjoying extensive loyalty from consumers spanning many generations who have found that it works the first time, every time – no matter how big the clean.

Cleaning is easy with White King

Don’t let cleaning take over your life.

Let White King do the hard work for you!

Cleaning is easy with White King's new cleaners: one for bathroom and one for Kitchen.  

Made from bleach free formulations with biodegradable surfactants, White King’s new cleaners take the hard work out of regular cleans: they are tough on dirt and grime, reduce dirt build up & leave grubby surfaces sparkling clean. 

Trust White King to do the job.

Available in Woolworths and Independents stores nationally.

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