In Australian households through the ages

The Pental tradition of providing our customers with products of superior quality continues with constant product innovation and improvements.


Since 1903, Lux Flakes have been caring for delicate garments such as baby clothes, nappies and other fine fabrics in Australian and New Zealand households. For the special things that deserve the very best of care, trust Lux Flakes.

Lux Flakes

White King

Originating in the 1950s, White King is Australia’s iconic household cleaning brand. From humble beginnings as a liquid bleach brand, it now houses over 40 products ranging across household cleaners, toilet cleaners and laundry.

White King White King


With a rich heritage of over 200 years, Pears soap has seen very little change from the delicate, sweetly perfumed, transparent soap that was developed in 1789.



First produced in Australia in 1900 with a formula pure, genuine and free from adulteration, Sunlight Soap is just as handy in the kitchen as it is in the laundry. The brand evolved over time and has also been keeping dishes sparkling for over 40 years, when it first pioneered dishwashing liquids.

Sunlight Sunlight


Velvet, since 1900, has been a true Australian favourite, pure & caring for over 100 years. Velvet has evolved to now include a wide range of products that offer accessible beauty for all who desire a little luxury every day.

Velvet Soap

Country Life

Established over 50 years ago in Shepparton, Victoria, Country Life has been trusted by Australian families for generations. From its proud heritage as a bar soap brand, Country Life has now grown to become a premier Australian made brand providing an escape from the everyday.


A premium laundry liquid specifically designed for your delicates and woollens, Softly has provided a soft and gentle wash that has loved your clothes as much as you do since the 1960’s.


Created by Australian radio personality Martha Gardener over 80 years ago, today’s product still contains the same trusted formulation that first appeared on supermarket shelves in the 1960’s.


Pental acquired the Jiffy brand in 2005 returned the brand to Australian ownership. Jiffy is Australia’s number 1 locally made firelighter brand and has been keeping Australian homes warm since the 1960’s.

Little Lucifer

Pental’s acquisition of the Little Lucifer brand in 2005, ensured manufacturing of this iconic brand remained on Australian shores. The odourless, smokeless formulation has provided a real devil of a fire for over 50 years.